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Red Sox Announce Plans For Green Monster Luxury Boxes

The Red Sox may be spending their Opening Day down in Texas, but some members of the front office have their thoughts back at home.

According to a press release from the team, Fenway Park will be undergoing major renovations over the next offseason to install new luxury boxes into the face of the Green Monster. The upshot of this is that instead of a solid green wall, Red Sox fans will see a solid stripe of glass through the middle of the Monster. While there's no word yet on the fate of the Jimmy Fund or Red Sox Foundation logos, presumably they will be relocated or removed altogether.

"Due to a growing demand for premier seating in Fenway Park, the Red Sox will be adding a section of luxury booths inside the Green Monster in left field," reads the press release. "For the first time ever, Red Sox fans will be able to experience Fenway Park from a unique viewpoint while taking advantage of all the amenities of luxury seating." For those worrying about the dangers of line drives off the wall, the Sox added that specially tempered glass will be used to avoid any health hazards.

Pricing for the new seats has not been announced, but you can likely expect them to be the most expensive in the house.

With the Red Sox having completed a 10-year plan of renovations this past offseason, it remains to be seen if this is just the first in a new set of changes. The Sox have been attempting to widen the bullpens, which would likely add more seating in right field, and as usual will be looking for any available real-estate.

Due to the complexity of the construction involved, and the expectation that the Red Sox will be making a playoff run this year, there's a possibility that construction could push next year's home opener back as far as late April, not coming close to the April 1 opening of some teams this year.