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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting #15: Oscar Tejeda Earns Attention

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Oscar Tejeda has swept spot #14 with ease. After being touted as one of the organization's more exciting prospects in 2007, Tejeda sort of fell off the map for the next couple years. He struck out too much, couldn't draw a walk, and didn't display much power. Where other prospects moved forward, he stagnated for two mediocre years in Greenville.

Then came 2010, and in the beginning of the year, there was nobody hotter. Tejeda spent a good while hitting .400, picking up a surprising number of home runs along the way. He still wasn't walking a ton, but he was producing like nobody's business.

Predictably, he fell to Earth some by the end of the year. And taken as a whole, there are signs of BABIP flukiness. But there are also signs that it was more than that. His eleven bombs, five triples, and thirty-two doubles for instance.

Still, if he needed to prove himself this year, he's off to a fine start. He's done more in his first 20 trips to the plate this spring than any other Red Sox, collecting eight hits, two walks, and two triples for an unreal line of .444/.500/.667.

One wonders where he'd be ranked if we had started spring training a few weeks earlier.

1. Ryan Kalish, OF

2. Anthony Ranaudo, SP

3. Jose Iglesias, SS

4. Felix Doubront, LHP

5. Drake Britton, LHP

6. Ryan Lavarnway, C

7. Stolmy Pimentel, RHP

8. Lars Anderson, 1B

9. Kolbrin Vitek, 3B

10. Josh Reddick, OF

11. Ryan Westmoreland, OF

12. Yamaico Navarro, SS

13. Che-Hsuan Lin, OF

14. Oscar Tejeda, 2B

We've got six left to go before the season starts. Once again, rec the post-in-question to vote. A simple reply will not do. Vote away!