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Games –29 and –28: Orioles vs. Sox, Sox at Marlins

Lineups for today's doubleheader action.

First at home versus the Marlins (1.05 pm):

Scutaro SS; Pedroia 2B; Ortiz DH; Youkilis 3B; Saltalamacchia C; Cameron CF; McDonald RF; Nava LF; Anderson 1B

Pitchers: Matsuzaka, Wakefield, Papelbon, Bard, Jenks

So, basically, we have a post-Adrian Beltre breaking Jacoby Ellsbury and Jeremy Hermida, pre-interleague feel to the Sox's home lineup today. As for the bullpen, it looks like the basic plan is to have Jonathan Papelbon facing pro hitters before giving way to Daniel Bard and Bobby Jenks in cleanup mode. (Particularly since Jenks is just getting started.)

Then at the Orioles in Sarasota (also at 1.05 pm):

Ellsbury CF; Tejada 2B; Crawford LF; Middlebrooks 3B; Linares DH; Wagner C; Spears RF; Sutton 1B; Iglesias CC

Pitchers: Aceves, Atchison, Reyes, Rice, Fox, Santeliz

Hmm. Looks like the Sox are skirting dangerously close to not having enough regular starters on this away trip. (MLB rules say that teams should field at least four players from the regular roster per game—although this may only be a rule for the away team.)

The home game will be covered on TV by NESN and by the MLB network, and on the interwebz at; the away game gets radio coverage from Baltimore.