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Red Sox Community Projections 2011: John Lackey

If there was one player who personified the disappointing season of the 2010 Red Sox (if not the cause), it was John Lackey. A 4.40 ERA, 3.01 BB/9, and 6.53 K/9 were all amongst the worst marks of his career. It didn't help that the Sox were paying him an ace's salary.

Still, Lackey finished strong. His strikeouts soared and his walks fell off some in his last couple of months. Did Lackey figure out the AL East? Did he figure out Fenway? Can he carry it into 2011? Or was it just a random bout of quality pitching not worth reading into.

You tell me.

Innings Pitched:






FIP (optional):

We got rid of losses and added IP this time around per at least one member's request. It made sense for me.