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Daisuke Matsuzaka Donates One Million Dollars To Help Japan

After the devastating tsunami that hit Japan a few weeks ago, Red Sox Pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka made a very generous donation of $1 Million Dollars to the Red Sox Foundation to help their cause aiding those in need in Japan. All funds donated to the Red Sox Foundation will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Matsuzaka, as well Japanese pitchers Hideki Okajima, Junichi Tazawa, and Itsuki Shoda stood outside City of Palms Park to take donations from fans a few weeks ago to benefit the Japanese Red Cross.  Okajima and Tazawa have made donations themselves as the total money raised now stands at 1.3 million dollars.

"Our efforts on the field are dedicated to all who are suffering from this catastrophe," Matsuzaka said in a videotaped message released by the Red Sox earlier this month. "We are in this together, so we must overcome tragedy together."

(Via ESPN Boston)