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Red Sox Community Projections 2011: Clay Buchholz

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(Moving this back up top for now.)

We've got just over a week to go before Opening Day, and still five more community projections to do! It's crunch time, ladies and gents, so let's get down to it.

Clay Buchholz is one of the bigger question marks this year. A man with good stuff, a tiny ERA but rather less impressive peripherals, we are almost all of us wondering which will move to meet which? Will his strikeouts grow and his walks shrink to reach the levels expected for his results, as they did with Jon Lester after 2008? Or will he be like so many others--a flash in the pan who falls to Earth, even if that is a very acceptable third starter type

We'll be doing pitchers a bit differently this year, but not by much. While I'll never be one to promote the importance of wins or losses, that's not going to keep me from including it. What I'm wondering about is how popular a FIP component would be? For now, I'll leave it optional.

So, how will Clay do in the following: