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It's Truck Day At Fenway Park! Baseball Season Begins!

In October, when we were watching the Giants win it all a month after seeing our Red Sox play their last game, it seemed like this day would never come.

But the Super Bowl is over. It's been about 100 days since we last saw a pitch thrown or a bat swung. And while it's not quite time for that yet, today is our first sign that we're at least getting close. For today is Truck Day, when the equipment from Fenway is loaded onto a truck for the nearly 1,500 mile trek to the City of Palms Park for Spring Training.

The usual fanfare awaits for those who are willing to brave the cold with Red Sox ambassadors and Wally (for the kids and young-at-heart) there to greet the devoted attendees.

But what really matters is that all the way to the south, Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Lester, and Ryan Kalish are already at it.

One week till pitchers and catchers report. Ten days until everyone else joins them. Just three weeks from the Red Sox playing baseball, even if it isn't for keeps just yet.

It's baseball season. Y'all ready?