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Terry Francona On Ozzie Guillen-Bobby Jenks Feud: 'That's Over'

It didn't take long for Red Sox manager Terry Francona to squash the verbal altercation between new relief pitcher  Bobby Jenks and his former manager in Chicago Ozzie Guillen--this before anything else could be tweeted or texted.

Francona had reportedly reached out to White Sox third base coach Joey Cora to act as an intermediary, hoping to negotiate a truce between Guillen and his former closer.  While it remains to be seen if the two have made up, it at least seems the conversations between the two will stop for the time being.

When asked about the Jenks-Ozzie ongoing feud on Sunday, Francona had this to say (via Sean McAdam)

"That's over,'' said Francona said of the controversy. "I spoke to Bobby and I went back and forth with Ozzie (via text). I'm confident that will be over. I don’t care if they like each other, but Bobby’s a Red Sox and we have to move on. I think he understands that.

This comes just a day after the two resumed their verbal feud when Jenks told the Chicago Tribune that Oney Guillen, the son of his former manager and fellow participant in the feud, has "middle child syndrome" for the way he needs attention.

The two have not been on good terms since Jenks lost his closing job to Matt Thornton during his inconsistent 2010 season.  Jenks often criticized Ozzie of not trusting his bullpen in Chicago, which Ozzie certainly didn't take lightly.  In his father's defense, Oney Guillen took to Twitter and ripped Jenks--calling him a "yellow beard-dipping idiot" and referencing to the drinking, marital, and weight troubles that he's battled in the past. 

If this is the end of the ongoing arguments, than it comes at a great time.  Jenks is expected to make his Red Sox debut sometime this week and will be able to put his troubled past behind him and move into his new role with the team.

As his new manager put it today:

"We're just making sure it goes away. It doesn't need to happen. He played for the White Sox and now he plays for the Red Sox.''