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Game –35 (Grapefruit 1): Red Sox at Minnesota, 7.05 pm

So, the vaunted "Mayor's Cup" between the Sox and Twins gets underway this evening with the Sox's first Spring Training game of the year. The "Mayor's Cup" is a best-of-five series; however, with the first three games of Spring training all coming against the Twins, we might have a winner soon. As for the "prize," the Cup isn't all that spectacular; however, the bragging rights are noteworthy, as the Sox have won four years running.

Lineups under the break.

For the Red Sox:

McDonald LF; Lowrie 2B; Ortiz DH; Youkilis 3B; Cameron CF; Saltalamacchia C; Kalish RF; Anderson 1B; Iglesias SS

SP: Josh Beckett

Scheduled RPs: Clay Buchholz, Brandon Duckworth, Hideki Okajima, Scott Atchison, Dan Wheeler

For the Twins:

A bunch of guys

SP: Carl Pavano (!?!)

RPs: Another bunch of guys

And, finally, in the running tally of vitally important statistics for the offseason:

Number of Laser Show appearances: 1 (sort of, kinda; he was there, but blink and you missed him)

Number of positions played by Jed Lowrie: 2 (I'd be tempted to put an over/under on 4.5)

Amount of payroll expected to be in starting lineup not playing today: Approximately $340 million