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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting #6: Britton Is Back!

In 2009, the Red Sox made a trade deadline deal, sending a big lefty with front-of-the-rotation potential who had recently undergone Tommy John surgery to the Indians (along with Justin Masterson and Bryan Price) for Victor Martinez. Well, Victor Martinez is gone now, and the Sox have a new big, post-TJ lefty to show off in Drake Britton.

While Britton was limited to just 75 innings during his recovery, he made the most of them by recording a 2.97 ERA with 78 strikeouts and just 28 walks. That last number is very important given the loss of command that can hit a player in his position. Drake showed every sign of getting stronger as the year went on, too. His outing were stretched out to four and then eventually five innings per start, and he showed no ill effects from it as his strikeout and walk rates both went in the right direction. In his final ten starts, Britton threw 45 innings, picked up 49 strikeouts, and walked only 10 batters.

While his surgery kept Britton from being one of those 20-year-old double-A wunderkinds, at 21 he seems to be all-the-way back and ready to work his way rather quickly through the system.

Time to move on to #6. I think most of us have a fairly good idea who it's going to be based on last round's voting, but let's give it a go anyways.

1. Ryan Kalish, OF

2. Anthony Ranaudo, RHP

3. Jose Iglesias, SS

4. Felix Doubront, LHP

5. Drake Britton, LHP

Same system as before. Recs are votes, prospect profiles can be found here, vote away!