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Red Sox Spring Training Update: This Is Carl Crawford Catching A Ball

It's one thing to see a player toss a jersey on over a suit and tie. Between the bulging uniform and the collar sticking out, it just doesn't look quite right.

Then there's seeing them in spring training. Yeah, it's a t-shirt. No, he's never going to wear that for a game. But he's got a glove on, he's catching fly balls, he's playing some form of baseball. 

So that's a bit of sunshine and happiness from spring training, now for...the rest of the sunshine and happiness.

  • Just to get the housekeeping out of the way, everyone has arrived save for J.D. Drew and Marco Scutaro. Tomorrow is the official reporting day for position players.
  • Though Adrian Gonzalez is feeling in perfect condition and would be happy to swing a bat today, he did feel the need to temper expectations with Gordon Edes: "I like to let everyone know I'm real slow. People tell me I'm not hustling. I say, 'No, I'm going as fast as I can.''
  • Edes also has news on Mike Cameron. If anyone thought that being pushed to a backup role would upset the veteran, no matter how much playing time may be in store, think again. Not only does Cameron say he's fine with his diminshed role, but he helped make it happen by aiding in the recruiting effort.
  • That article also makes mention of Jose Iglesias' father arriving in the United States sooner than expected. Much sooner, it turns out: the elder Iglesias was at camp today. That's gotta be big for his comfort level.
  • David Ortiz told media that he knew he had to prove both to himself and the fans that he could hit lefties. While I'd love it if he could, I also wouldn't feel too bad about having a shift against southpaws involving Jed Lowrie playing third and moving Youkilis or Gonzalez to DH for a day if he can't.