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Robert Coello Traded To The Cubs For Tony Thomas

The Red Sox have traded right-handed pitcher Robert Coello to the Chicago Cubs for Tony Thomas. Sean McAdam broke the news first.

Coello, 26, was one of the Red Sox' recent pick ups from the independent leagues, signing with the team before the 2009 season. Coello put up big strikeout numbers in the minors last  year en route to appearing in six games for the Red Sox. His time with the team, coming when the Sox were essentially out of contention, was memorable mostly for the game in which he walked in three straight runs. Overall, he pitched to a 4.76 ERA with five walks and strikeouts. 

Tony Thomas is a 23-year-old second baseman who spent last year in Double-A Tennessee, putting up a line of .276/.338/.485 in his second full campaign at the level. Thomas has a decent bit of discipline, and can take a walk, but the highly touted contact skills that made him a third round pick in the 2007 draft have not translated well, as he has struck out at least 100 times in each of his three full campaigns.

Defensively, Thomas isn't too impressive, though he's not lacking for speed. He can steal a base or two if needed, and picked up 11 triples in 2010. He also has hit 11 homers in each of his last two seasons, which isn't bad for a middle infielder at that level.

Overall, it's hard to say if the Red Sox are winners or losers in this deal. I'm tempted to say losers, given that Coello is closer to the majors and has, if nothing else, shown the ability to strike a ton of guys out. But this was a deal necessitated by a bigger move bringing in Alfredo Aceves, so to get anything out of it is a plus for the Sox.