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Jon Lester Joins Cause That Hits Close To Home For Red Sox

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Jon Lester will be one of a panel of celebrity judges helping to select the winners of Major League Baseball's Honorary Bat Girl Contest--part of the league's "Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer" initiative.

We all know Lester's story, of course. Diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2006, Lester overcame his illness and has emerged over the last few years as one of the league's best. 

Unfortunately, though, he is far from the only member of the team with a connection to Cancer. And for one member, the fight against breast cancer hits especially close to home. John Lackey told WEEI today that his wife, Krista Clark Lackey, was diagnosed with breast cancer last November. John said she was doing well, and that the disease was caught very early.

The Honorary Bat Girl Contest aims to recognize those fans affected by breast cancer who have "demonstrated a commitment to eradicating the disease." Those who are selected--one per team--will be honored by their club before the game on Mother's Day, or the soonest home game thereafter if the club is on the road.