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It's Pitchers And Catchers Day! ...And Nothing New Happened

About a month ago, I was really looking forward to today. Because today, February 14, is the day  that Red Sox pitchers and catchers report to camp for Spring Training.

But it's kind of an anti-climax, because, y'know, they're already there. It started with Jon Lester and Jonathan Papelbon about a week ago, and as the days have passed, the Sox have filtered in to the point where there's not many guys left to report today. The rotation? All there. Papelbon, Bard, and Jenks? All accounted for as of Sunday.

It seems the Red Sox have kind of stolen our big day. Not that I'm complaining (well, maybe a little). 

I guess that leaves us waiting for Carl Crawford and David Ortiz.

Oh well, time for the next countdown. We could go with the position players, but again, I expect by the time that date comes around, just about everyone will be there.

So, twelve days until the first game of Spring Training!