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Daily Links - Winter Meetings Go Bye Bye Edition

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It's a sad day because the Winter Meetings are over. No more ridiculous rumors, no more mystery teams, no more ridiculous rumors about mystery teams that turn out to be right. Those are the ones you really miss.

Link time!

The Red Sox came back from the meetings with knowledge, but no players unless you count Andrew Miller and I don't. The thunder was horked by the hosers in Miami and LA (sorry, I've been watching Strange Brew again. It's a beauty film, eh.). But knowledge is not nothing. I mean, you can't buy a lasagne with it, but you know. What that knowledge will do is inform the next steps the organization takes, or so says GM Ben Cherington.'s Alex Speier has Mr. Cherington as expressing optimism regarding the team's pitching situation and their prospects going forward. Which is good, because if our GM was pessimistic about the pitching staff in December, well, that'd be bad.

Welcome to the Pujols Section of Daily Links:

Pujols agent tried to get the Yankees to bid on the former Cardinals first baseman. He failed. Can't blame a guy for trying though, right?

Bob Nightengale at USA Today has the inside scoop on how the deal went down. (h/t MLB Trade Rumors) It went something like this:

Angels Owner Arte Moreno: Man... I sure wish I had something to do with this $300 million here. And on a Monday night too.
Mrs. Moreno: Oh, Arte!
Arte Moreno: Hmm... I summon Kibbles, the butler!
Kibbles: You rang, sir?
Arte Moreno: Yes, Kibbles. I have all his money. It's a Monday night. What should I do with it?
Kibbles: Have you considered signing Albert Pujols, sir? He's quite the first baseman, I'm told.
Arte Moreno: Good show, Kibbles. I declare. Now bring me some tea forthwith.
Mrs. Moreno: Oh, Arte!

OK, it went nothing like that, but if only. In any case, it's a good article that takes you inside the winter meetings and inside a big free agent signing.

If you think that was funny, or, even if you didn't, you should read Jeff Sullivan. In general, you should read him, But in specific he wrote a good and funny article about Albert Pujols for Baseball Nation. Those are the best kind, I find. But, if the funny isn't your bag, baby, then check out this one from Dave Cameron of Fan Graphs. Mr. Cameron argues the Angels are placing a large and likely unsuccessful bet on Pujols via his massive contract.

Also, Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik was captured on camera as he was told the news that Pujols is now playing for a division rival. He does pretty well holding in the despair. But you can see it in his eyes.

Finally, in case you missed it, an awful video (since taken down, I've been told) was posted wherein an adult (the father?) tells his St. Louis Cardinals loving 5 year old son that Pujols left for LA and won't ever play for the kid's beloved Cardinals again (ever ever ever) with a camera in the poor kid's face. The geniuses at The Score scored a nice take down. Well done, sirs. Well done indeed.