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David Ortiz "Will Be Back"; Andrew Miller Re-Signed is reporting that a Red Sox source at the winter meetings believes David Ortiz will be back for 2012, "one way or another." Presumably, this means Ortiz would accept arbitration from the Red Sox, netting potentially upwards of $15 million for one year, or he would accept a two-year offer with a likely lower annual value.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise, as we have stated for months now that the market for Ortiz just didn't exist in a way where he would be pried away from the Red Sox. The cost was going to be prohibitive for most teams who need a DH, and with the Yankees focused elsewhere, and already full of bodies who can soak up DH at-bats, there was little reason for them to commit to Ortiz.

Ortiz has said he was willing to explore the market and play elsewhere, but indications from both him and others were that his preference was to stick in Boston. Between the pick a team would lose by signing Ortiz, and the money and years it would cost to pry him away, it's no wonder he is likely returning.


The Red Sox also re-signed Andrew Miller, avoiding arbitration. Jon Morosi reported the news, and while Miller is currently the fourth starter in terms of pitchers who are both starting pitchers and have not undergone Tommy John surgery in the last year, he is more likely to start the year at Triple-A, or out of the bullpen.

Update: Miller's deal is a major league one, and he is also out of options (hat tip, Brian MacPherson). He would need to clear waivers to head to the minors. This makes the back-of-the-bullpen role even more likely.

More Updating: Jon Morosi reports that Miller's deal is not guaranteed. The Red Sox can cut him if he continues to not show the improvement they would like, without any monetary worries.