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Open Thread, Or, How To Fill Out A Bullpen

Your suggested open thread topic of the day: which bargain bin relievers are of interest to you, if any? I've got a few to get you started, with their various positives and (sometimes noticeable) warts on display over at Baseball Nation. The basic premise? These guys can't get a job -- or even an offer -- until Ryan Madson finds out where his new home is. Once he does, (and assuming that home isn't Boston), who do you want to see fill out the pen out of who remains?

Give us the how, the why, and all that happy stuff. Like with the starters thread, we'll feature some of the most thoughtful responses at a late date (presumably before all of these guys start to come off of the market -- otherwise, what's the point?)

Personal preference? Not Chad Qualls. In the right context, this groundballer can have some definite use, but Fenway and the AL East isn't that context. Need more than what my short list provides? Baseball Nation's free agent tracker should suffice, once you sort by position and search for "RP". And no one is forcing you to look outside of the organization, either: have a plan that involves in-house pieces? Do tell.