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Red Sox Announce New Coaching Staff

Bobby Valentine has his coaching staff in line, with only Dave Magadan and Tim Bogar remaining from last year.

Bogar, as we've already covered, will mercifully be moved from third base to the bench, where he will take over for the departing DeMarlo Hale. Jerry Royster will replace Bogar at third, Alex Ochoa will take over at first, and Bob McClure will take on the challenge of whipping the pitching staff into shape.

Turnover is to be expected with the hiring of any new manager, and speculation on the performance of coaches--itself a rather ill-defined area of evaluation--isn't terribly helpful or convincing. What we can say is that it's not going to be too hard to one-up Tim Bogar, and that there weren't too many fans of Curt Young by the time the year came to an end.

With Young, however, a lot of the points of criticism--Lackey, Daisuke, and their fill-ins--could be better placed on the medical staff, which Bobby Valentine made a point of focusing on during a conference call today. Saying that he expects world class conditioning, it's not too much of a stretch to think that Valentine was talking a bit to the players as well. Still, after the last few years of poor diagnoses (Ellsbury) and players either being rushed back or playing poorly through injuries (Lowrie, Pedroia), it's hard to imagine any better follow-up to the Bogar switch than to revamp that part of the organization.

As for Bob McClure, he'll have the unenviable task of dodging the even year "magic" from Beckett and bringing Daniel Bard into the rotation. It's an uphill climb, but hopefully Bobby V. has picked the right man.