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Open Thread: Starting Pitcher Preferences, Or Whatever

There is nothing going on in the world of baseball today, a fact that is driving all of us slowly mad. Here's the deal: I know you all have your preferences for starting pitchers. I would like you to detail your plans for filling out the rotation, by any means -- trade, signing, conversion from relief -- in the comments. If you empty relievers into the rotation, figure out a way to replenish the pen, too.

Think of it as your holiday wishlist a few days before Christmas. The Red Sox are more likely to make a move that plugs a rotation spot after the holidays, as they will be less than two months from spring training -- meaning everyone who remains unemployed will also be less than two months from spring training, except their version is much more hypothetical. Now is as good of a time as any to discuss what it is you want the Red Sox to do.

We'll feature a few of our favorites in a later post, so remember: you're not just doing this for discussion, but also for Internet fame.