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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 30 - A Crapshoot That Is Already A Crapshoot Is Just A Crapshoot

You won't believe what the cat dragged in!

Yes, it's Matt Kory and Marc Normandin! They're back and, speaking of things you won't believe, you won't believe what they're talking about this week. Seriously. You just won't believe it. What are these guys doing? They're talking yogurt of course, as any reasonable human being should be. But, as this isn't Cup Of Vanilla Banana but Over The Monster, they'll squeeze in a few Red Sox off season topics. You know, because they have to. Ah, the power of guilt.

In this guilty squeezing, they are ably assisted by special guest Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal, who lends his insight on the team's recent decision to hire the divisive Bobby Valentine as manager, the question of what to do with reliever Daniel Bard (Marc says burn him, he's a witch), the conundrum that is David Ortiz's free agency (what does that even mean, dude?), and the giant crapshoot that is the baseball playoffs.

It's all here, it's all wonderful, it's all the 30th Cup Of Vanilla Banana Over The Monster Podcast!

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