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Red Sox And Cubs Ask Permission On Mike Maddux

If you think the end of Red Sox and Cubs linked discussions will end with compensation finally wrapping up, then it might be time to come up with a new stance. Jon Heyman is reporting that it isn't just Pete Mackanin that both the Cubs and Sox are into:

#redsox, #cubs both have asked for permission to interview mike maddux for manager now. terrific candidate.
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This does answer the question from yesterday, or at least one of the two, as the Red Sox had requested permission to speak with two others about their vacant manager chair. Maddux pitched for the Red Sox in 1995, and while he was nowhere near as successful on the mound as brother Greg, he had and has a far better mustache, and has been a very successful pitching coach for both the Brewers and the Rangers.

Were Maddux to be hired, he would be a rarity -- a pitching coach turned manager. The Red Sox groomed the last to make the switch, John Farrell, and Bud Black out in San Diego also followed that path. Given the way some things have worked out with the pitchers, it might be worthwhile if the staff had an actual pitching coach and a former one to talk to and work with.