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Daily Links - The Just Hire Someone Already Edition

As the managerial search that wouldn't end enters its [pulls out abacus] eighth decade, the Red Sox are without a field general. Of course, this time of year there isn't much baseball going on on any fields so a lack of generaling isn't much of a problem. That helps explain why presumptive new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine is spending some of this high pressure time in Japan right now. Either that or his love of Japanese craft beer.

His competitor for the position, Gene Lamont, is either sitting in front of the fire place sipping a cup of Sleepy Time tea or pepper spraying seniors for that last X-Box 360. Depending on which report you read. In either case, Lamont is one of two unlikely candidates for the Red Sox managerial opening. Who among us after Terry Francona left/was-fired thought Lamont was a prime candidate for the job? Then again, who thought Valentine was? Other than Nick Carfardo, probably nobody including both guys themselves.

This brings up an interesting question: what's with all this waiting? Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston wonders if the team's ownership will allow new GM Ben Cherington to choose his own manager or if one will essentially be imposed on him. If it's the latter, will it work? The truth is that while both candidates are very different from each other (which further illustrates that there are, at the very least, two different visions of what the 2012 Red Sox should be at work), the players are talented enough that they should be able to win and win a lot regardless of which manager is picked.

Speaking of picked, ESPN's Jim Bowden who can tell the difference between the truth and a large hole in the ground, reports the Red Sox could pick someone as early as today. "Could." Statements like that are always fun, or should I say statements possibly close to that one might be fun if in fact they were stated kinda sorta close to that one or maybe one that somewhat resembles it in some sort of way. Maybe.

Corey Dawkins and Ben Lindbergh over at Baseball Prospectus note that the Red Sox lost more to injury this past season than any of their division rivals. I would be surprised if that fact surprised you. I expect you already knew it if not so specifically. And still, the numbers are pretty damning, such that reading the article makes me glad for the turnover in the Red Sox medical department. Come to think of it, the Red Sox doctors may have been the only ones over the past three years that didn't suffer any injuries.

Over at Grantland, former podcast guest Jonah Keri gets all up into the new CBA 'n stuff. I recommend drinking hand sanitizer.

FIre Brand of the AL thinks David Ortiz can take his three year contract offer to the Canadian Football League and see how that works out, eh? Have fun hitting home runs in meters metres!

Dave Cameron of Fan Graphs suggests a cheaper option to acquiring A's pitcher Gio Gonzalez. It should be noted that the cheaper option is also a not-as-good option, a has-been-injured option, has been known to cause cancer in laboratory rats, is not legal in seven states, and should not be used in salads. Also he isn't as good. Now, GMs of the world, acquire away!