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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 29 - The Triumphant Return Of The Grand Master

It is always a monkey peeing on someone. -- Marc Normandin

After a week's hiatus the band is back together. Marc is back! Yay! This week's discussion centers around the ha ha... wait, sorry. This week's discussion centers around the Jonathan Papelbon deal with the Phill HA HA HA!! Ha ha... ha... phew. Well, you know. We look into what that silly old deal does to the closer market and, closer to home, what it means for the Red Sox bullpen. Then we turn our attention to Daniel Bard and his place on the team. Should he start? Should he close? Should he take that knitting deal and head to the Swiss Alps where the wool is fresh and luscious?

Then we argue about the opportunity cost of the John Lackey deal, sitcoms and laugh tracks [crowd: ha ha ha!], and then reveal the big news: next week's podcast will be in 3D! Yes, all that and maybe some more around the edges on another incredible, amazing, and totally alright episode of the Over The Monster Podcast!

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