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Gauging Red Sox Nation's Interest: Grady Sizemore

Perhaps the most interesting question mark for the Red Sox this year is the situation in right field. A source of frustration for Sox fans for almost the entirety of 2011, only a short burst of greatness from Josh Reddick saved the Red Sox from being the bottom of the AL barrel at the position.

Now, we're seeing the first signs of where the Red Sox may turn to fix the situation. Earlier today Michael Silverman reported that, with the Indians having declined their team option, the Red Sox may be interested in outfielder and frequent disabled list resident Grady Sizemore.

The pros and cons of Sizemore are fairly obvious. When he's healthy, Sizemore has proven to be an All-Star quality player, capable of patrolling Fenway's spacious right field while providing a strong bat to the lineup (albeit one that would likely have slotted in around sixth in the lineup last year). But a healthy Sizemore is about as likely as a healthy Jed Lowrie--he's played just 210 games in the last three years, and has been largely ineffective over the last two.

The Sox are no strangers to what this sort of deal would likely entail. Short, cheap, and likely incentive-laden, Sizemore's contract would resemble either an Adrian Beltre or a Bartolo Colon--which is referenced come next November will likely be determined by how well Sizemore performs. It's low risk and high reward, which is a fundementally sound strategy, and likely attractive to a new GM like Ben Cherington who would rather not open his career with a big-ticket bust like a Carlos Beltran could be.

Moreover, the Sox are in a situation which is uniquely suited to a Sizemore type of signing. If he goes down or proves ineffective, it gives them a shot to give Kalish and Reddick some run to see if either of them will prove the answer.

On the other hand, Sizemore doesn't pose a long-term solution, and if you don't believe in Reddick or Kalish, then it could seem like too much of a risky stopgap. The Sox will need to find a consistent right fielder sooner-or-later, and delaying could leave them in bad shape both on the field and from a bargaining standpoint before too long.

So, Over The Monster readers, how would you feel about a possible Grady Sizemore signing?