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Hey OTM Community: Who YA GOT?!?!

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Other than the 3-5% of us currently camped outside Fenway park waiting for the ticket offices to open, hoping to get a scrap of carpet from suite renovation, or wanting to totally be the first to see some member of the front office drive away in a large, dark and expensive vehicle, there isn't much going on for Red Sox fans right now. For some of us, we're still sitting naked in a corner rocking back and forth holding our broken coffee cup repeating, "Must fix precious... must fix precious..." For others, we're masking our pain with fantasy football ("If Maurice Jones-Drew scores two touchdowns I'll come back and win my league! But in my other eight leagues I'll lose. Can you believe... hello?!?"), that sport where they play lacrosse on ice, or, maybe like myself, we've been baking cupcakes nonstop since Robert F'n Andino's at bat .

I know you might find this difficult to believe, but the baseball season is ongoing. It's true! For serious!

The Yankees and Rays, nemesi (the plural of nemesis) of the Red Sox during the regular season both got in line behind Boston for tee times this past week. So, again, we're left with a Detroit/Texas ALCS. Again! Can you believe that? Can we get some new blood up in this piece? I beg of you!

In the NL, uh... Louisville and, umm... Providence or something. Wait a second [fires up internet machine]. OK, I got it. Philadelphia must have decided that instead of accepting a direct invitation to the World Series, as was their birthright, they'd be sporting and play the games. Bad choice, fellas! The Phillies lost in five to St. Louis despite giving up negative four runs to the Cardinals. The Brewers took down the exciting Diamondbacks when Prince Fielder hit seventy homers. I assume, I didn't actually watch the games.

So, OTM, this brings me to the point (and you didn't think I had one!) of this post: