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Theo Epstein Takes Out Full-Page "Thank You" In Globe

As you know (assuming you haven't been intentionally shying away from the news until compensation is figured out) Theo Epstein has officially left the Red Sox to become the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs. His contract is signed, he no longer works for Boston, and is now taking part in the negotiations for compensation himself. That's why today, in the Boston Globe, Epstein took out a full-page ad to thank... well, everyone... for the last decade.

I know I haven't been here at Over The Monster for a very long time -- just since June -- but if you've been reading, you have a good sense of how I feel about Theo Epstein, his work here, and what he is leaving behind. Regardless of how you feel about his free agent signings, or his leaving the team while under contract, or any of that, you have to admit that this letter in the Globe is a classy move.

You'll be missed, Theo, but you'll have to forgive me for hoping we won't miss you too much.

If you care to see the actual letter, hit the jump, or click through to see it on the Globe's website.