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Curt Young Could Leave For Oakland Athletics...Wait, What?

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If you thought the personnel departures would be wrapped up with this whole Theo Epstein thing, think again! The newest man headed out the door could be, well, the newest man: pitching coach Curt Young.

Just one season after leaving Oakland and joining the Red Sox, it seems like Young is homesick, as Rob Bradford is reporting that the Sox have given him permission to speak with his old team. In baseball terms that often means "as good as gone." 

While Young has dodged major scrutiny in his short time with the Sox, it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see him be let go when a new managerial regime begins later this offseason. While Young has had success with the A's, it was Boston's pitching that let them down in September. We can perhaps count the incredible success of Josh Beckett in his favor, and it's not terribly fair to blame a man for not making diamonds from the likes of Andrew Miller and Tim Wakefield (though Lackey's total demise is something else). But when it comes down to positions like this it's not at all unusual to see coaches live and die with performances they may not have truly been responsible for.

If Young does leave, the Sox will be looking at their third pitching coach in three years. While some of the prospects for last year's vacancy remain available--such as Mike Cather and Treuel, both of whom remain within the Sox system--but it remains to be seen how the other changes within the organization could effect the selection process.

Oh, and Dave Duncan is out there. He almost certainly won't come, but if you have any spare magical lamps lying around, this wouldn't be the worst wish you've ever made.