How to Fix the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are in a period of turmoil, and everyone seems to have ideas about how to fix the Boston Red Sox. I have some ideas of my own, and I'd like to hear what you folks think.

Here they are:

-Let Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield go for good, offer them other positions on the team.

It's time to let go of the past, and move on to a brighter future. I'm sure it was nice for you to see Wakefield reach 200, and I'm sure Varitek's captain years were great for you. Regardless, there's no place for nostalgia on a team that's trying to restart.

-Trade Kevin Youkilis or Will Middlebrooks for pitching.

I'm sure the Rockies, Athletics, or other teams would be willing to trade for one of the two. The Athletics are an interesting scenario, as Beane's interest in Youkilis is well documented. I'm not big on projecting trades, but would a Youkilis for one of the A's up and coming starters work?

-Find a way to get rid of John Lackey, no matter what.

With Lackey comes a stench of the 2011 season. Lackey does not fit in Boston, and I honestly don't even think it's just about the contract.

-Keep Carl Crawford.

I truly think 2012 will be a huge bounce back season for the lefty speedster. If the Red Sox trade him for another large contract, as a Yankees fan, I will be extremely happy.

-Let J.D. Drew go, re-sign David Ortiz, only re-sign Jonathan Papelbon if the deal is worth it, don't sign a short stop, pick up Marco Scutaro's option.

The Sox have Bard if Papelbon costs too much. Ortiz is a face of the franchise, and despite his recent comments I think the Red Sox and him are a perfect fit. Scutaro is a better choice at short stop than spending tons of money for another player.

-Don't trade Josh Beckett, don't sign Darvish/WIlson, allow the rotation problems to fix themselves, and if not make a deal at the deadline, or sign free agents in 2013.

Beckett being traded would just be a silly overreaction. The Red Sox should avoid large contracts for now, and the 2013 Free Agent class is absolutely outstanding, as will the trade deadline options, so teams can wait it out. Beckett-Lester-Buchholz-A's pitcher-? is a fine rotation.

-Hire Pat Gillick, even if it means losing Ben Cherington.

I still want the Yankees to hire Gillick, even though Cashman is with the team. Gillick is a star, and if the Red Sox hire him I will be extremely worried.

-Hire someone outside the organization for manager, as well.

I'm still undecided if the Red Sox should sign a long time manager, or a first time manager. The Phillies bench coach, Pete Mackanin seems like a good choice, but the Red Sox could also benefit from a manager with experience.

-Be patient, don't panic.

Simple, but important advice. Don't make panic moves based on trying to make up for the collapse. That will only make things worse.

Thoughts? Here are my joke ideas, by the way.