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Not A Daily Red Sox Links Post

Lots of Carl Crawford stuff to follow...  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Lots of Carl Crawford stuff to follow... (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Okay, I know what the category tag says, but I would hate for you to think that this is a daily links post! After all, it contains things from days past, and seeing as how I will have no internet for the next few days aside from the ol' phone (don't worry, I've got some stuff scheduled to post), there's no way I can even make it two days in a row.

But this is a links post. Because there's been some interesting stuff you may have missed.

| Carl Crawford: Trying to get things right vs. left(ies) | Scott Lauber; Boston Herald |

Carl Crawford is working on getting the whole LHP thing down. That'd be a nice change, eh?

| Carl Crawford says Thanks Tampa Bay | Marc Topkin; St. Petersburg Times |

Just like Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford placed an ad in the St. Petersburg Times to say goodbye and thanks to the Tampa Bay fans.

| Red Sox spring training site in Lee County progresses undeterred | Glenn Miller; The News-Press |

Things seem to be going smoothly for the 2012 opening.

| Red Sox sign jack-of-all-trades, Hector Luna | Rob Bradford; WEEI |

Just in case you missed it. If I hear "versatility" one more time...

| Can Okajima rebound? Tracing his decline and potential value | Rob Bradford; WEEI |

My thoughts: No. But Bradford gives it a nice long look.

| Rangers to pass on Rafael Soriano, boding well for Red Sox draft | Alex Speier, WEEI |

Alex Speier points out the implications of Soriano to Texas.

More Lauber on Crawford, and how V-Mart left the Red Sox with a parting gift.

Let's finish with some shameless self-promotion.