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2011 Red Sox Community Projections: Adrian Gonzalez

Alright, so with the old projections out of the way, let's move on to 2011, and predicting ridiculous numbers for our ridiculous team. Yay!

I can think of no better player to start with than Adrian Gonzalez. After all, it's Gonzalez who we've wanted to talk about as a member of the Red Sox for the past few years. It's Gonzalez whose acquisition signaled that this offseason was going to be something special. And it's Gonzalez whose spray charts we've actually superimposed over Fenway. 

I'm sticking with last year's categories when it comes to hitters. We could ask about wOBA, but  why make this more complicated than it needs to be?

So, copy and paste, and fill out your predictions for 2011: