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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting #3: Hip Hip Jose

If there's one player in the Sox' farm system who will have a career in the major leagues, it's Jose Iglesias. We don't know at the moment if that's as a defensive expert and backup, or as a top-flight all-around player.

Of course, us Sox fans are hoping for the latter from the man who almost immediately earned the "shortstop of the future" title upon signing with the team. So far, though, the offensive numbers haven't been pretty. Still, between age and injury, there are plenty of mitigating circumstances.

Alright, that's three down. Let's hit up #4.

1. Ryan Kalish, OF

2. Anthony Ranaudo, RHP

3. Jose Iglesias, SS

As per the last two, just rec the player you want to win. If you don't see the one you want, then make your own thread. I'll assume an extra rec on it since you can't recommend your own posts.

Prospect profiles can be found here. Vote away!