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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting #3: Expectations High For Anthony Ranaudo

Anthony Ranaudo has not pitched an inning wearing the uniform of a Red Sox affiliate, and he's already our #2 prospect.

It's not hard to see where all this hype comes from. Often considered a top-10, even top-5 pick but for an injury season, Ranaudo clearly comes in as an exciting high-ceiling guy. Add to that a dominant performance in the Cape Cod League that made Theo Epstein and co. confident enough in his health to give him the $2.5 million he and Scott Boras were asking for, and you've got one hyped-up prospect.

We'll just have to see if he lives up to it this coming season.

1. Ryan Kalish, OF

2. Anthony Ranaudo, RHP

Time for #3. The rec system worked pretty well last time, so we're sticking with that.

Prospect profiles can be found here. Vote away!