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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting #1: Let's Get Started

It's that time of year again. Before every season, we here at Over The Monster ask you, the readers, to create your own top-20 Red Sox prospects list.

Based on our readers' feedback, we'll be switching up how we go about this again, at least on a trial basis. Voting will be done through the comment system this year. This should be simple enough--though it will undoubtedly blow up in my face somehow--just look for the voting thread for your choice, and reply to it. If your choice isn't there (I'll try and cover the obvious ones), then just post your own following the format.

To make this work, though, we need to keep the conversation out of the voting. I'll be trying to keep things tidy by hiding/deleting comments like that, but please just start a new string of posts if you want to go in-depth on things.

We'll be voting twice a week, so that should give any of you who want to sign up and vote plenty of time to do so.

So let's get to it. I've updated last year's prospect profiles, though there are still a few to add. If you need to, check those out, and then vote away!