Penny For Your Thoughts: Top Prospect Voting

We're about to get underway with the OTM top prospect voting, and I figured I'd ask you all how you want to do this.

There are a few options.

1) Last year's Google form option. The big advantage here is that it lets you vote for anyone you want, without being restrained by presented options. It also requires the voter to at least know the system enough to choose, instead of just selecting the first presented option. I believe there are some problems with fairness, though, as there's no transparency as to who votes or even how many times.

2) The typical on-site polling system, which gives you the options, lets you tick the box, and submit your vote. It's easy, and anyone who's voted once should see the results instead of the option to vote again. The issue is that this requires me to choose some limited options, which keeps the door closed a bit to surprises, especially with so many newly drafted players that are difficult to place. It also opens up the voting to anyone who can tick a box, which has resulted in problems before.

3) The comments system. Either every person just posts their vote, or we have people basically nominate it and then those who want to cast that vote can respond or rec that nominating post. This can get messy, but it's by far the most transparent method and would allow anyone to vote for anyone--so long as they're registered for the site, which some of you had voiced a desire for during the lineup segments.

4) Any random answer you guys have.

Let me know how you feel, so we can get this underway soon.