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Okajima In, Max Ramirez Out -- Red Sox Lose Catcher To Cubs

Hideki Okajima's signing is the deal that just won't stop taking.

First we learned that the reliever will cost the Red Sox a cool $1.75 million for the 2011 season, and now we learn from Jon Morosi that his roster spot came from their newest acquisition, Max Ramirez, who was designated for assignment and snatched up by the Chicago Cubs.

On the one hand, it's a good thing that we Red Sox fans only have the minor moves to complain about this year. On the other hand, there's no reason everything couldn't have been done perfectly. Obviously the Red Sox' season won't likely be determined by the contributions of Hideki Okajima or Max Ramirez.

Still, one was a potential commodity (however small the likelihood might be) whereas, as far as I'm concerned, the other is a wasted roster space with the Sox doling out a cool couple of million for the privilege.

Oh well. Adrian Gonzalez, Adrian Gonzalez, Adrian Gonzalez.