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Manny Ramirez Apologizes For Red Sox Split

In a series of tweets, ESPN's Joe McDonald has a very interesting quote from Manny.

I think everything was my fault. . .

Hey, it was my fault. When I saw Youkilis I said, ‘Hey, what happened between you and me, I’m sorry. That’s my fault. . .

So it takes a real man just to go and tell a person it was my fault. That’s what I did.

Manny is likely referring to the fracas that went down in the dugout between Kevin Youkilis and himself back in 2008. "Everything" could mean, well, a lot of things.

So, Red Sox fans, feeling any better about Manny or how things went down? Self-aggrandizement at the end aside, that does seem like a legitimate apology.

Let's poll it! Do you cheer for Manny, or boo for Manny?

UPDATE: Ian Browne adds that Manny would have accepted a trade had the Red Sox placed a claim on him.