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Papi and Lowrie Power Sox Past Mariners

It's hard to doubt Jed Lowrie anymore.

Coming into Tuesday's game, Lowrie sported a .791 OPS. A very good number for a shortstop already.

Coming out of Tuesday's game, Lowrie sported a .847 OPS, courtesy of two long balls off of Mariners starter Luke French.

Still, despite Lowrie's bombs, the Sox found themselves on the wrong side of a 5-4 score thanks to a mediocre Daisuke Matsuzaka, who allowed the Mariners to score five runs in just six innings thanks to four walks and eight hits. This to a team that hadn't scored four at home in about a month.

But if Lowrie had the most big flies, it was David Ortiz who had the biggest. Stepping into the role of "Mr. Clutch" he knows so well, Ortiz jacked a three-run shot to right-center with two outs, putting the Red Sox on top by a pair.

The rest of the Red Sox chipped in too, with Adrain Beltre picking up three hits, Victor Martinez a pair, and Josh Reddick putting an insurance run on the board with an RBI single in the 9th. Daniel Bard bridged the gap to Jonathan Papelbon, who gave up a pair of hits before baring down and striking out the last three batters.