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Red Sox purchase contract of Rich Hill

That's right everyone, say hello to the post-season, Rich Hill is in the house!

The soft-throwing lefty from Massachusetts has been wallowing in Pawtucket lately, putting up some fairly awful numbers as a starter (since all the starters got converted to relievers).  He did, however, manage to actually post pretty good numbers against lefties- a 14:3 K:BB ratio- and will surely be used as a lefty specialist (because god knows the lefties in the pen haven't been able to get lefties out) where he might have some success.

Hopefully his numbers will look better than his last major league year, where he posted a 7.80 ERA with some pretty frighteningly bad peripherals. 

As Peter Abraham of the Globe has suggested, there is a good chance that this means our hero, Felix Doubront, won't pitch again in the majors this year, and instead will try to heal his injury.