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Trevor Cahill Demolishes Red Sox, Clay Buchholz Just Plain Demolished

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Game threads? We don't need no stinking game threads.

Especially when it's a game like this.

On one last awful west coast trip this year, the Red Sox were completely and utterly shut down by Oakland starter Trevor Cahill through seven innings. Cahill allowed no runs, on only three hits--one to Victor Martinez, one to Adrian Beltre, and one to Josh Reddick (a double). Kalish almost stopped the shutout before it started with a long ball in the first, but Coco tracked the ball to the wall, climbed the padding in center, and nabbed the big fly, robbing the young outfielder.

Buchholz, on the other hand, was absolutely wrecked by a weak Oakland offense. He allowed five straight baserunners to start the game before former Red Sox Jeremy Hermida grounded into a double play. Oh, Hermida...

While Buchholz escaped the first inning with just a three run deficit, any chance for a decent start went out the window in the second. Four more batters reached to start the inning off, and Buchholz was done for the night. Five earned with just three outs recorded.

If there was a bright side to be found tonight, it was in the bullpen. A combination of the Sox' young relievers proved up to the task tonight, however futile it was. Where Clay Buchholz could only go one inning, Dustin Richardson, Michael Bowden, Robert Coello, and Robert Manuel combined for seven shutout innings, with everyone but Manuel hurling a pair.

Small compensation for an ugly game, but it's out west, the season's essentially over, and I can't imagine it'd be that busy anyways.

We'll try again tomorrow when John Lackey gets his shot at Brett Anderson.