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Red Sox sign Carlos Delgado to a minor league deal

We all heard that he was working out for the Red Sox yesterday, and today they have reached an agreement with Carlos Delgado.  According to Ken Rosenthal, he will get a pro-rated portion of $3 million for the time he is in the majors, if any.

The former superstar is certainly a good hitter if, despite not playing all year, his bat is able to catch up to major league pitching.  He is particularly potent against right-handed pitching, so there's a decent chance that if he makes it, it may end up as a platoon situation with Mike Lowell.  Delgado has also recently recovered from the same hip surgery as Lowell, so they'll have plenty to talk about besides their platoon.

His agent has been saying that he will need a week or two in the minors, and I find it hard to believe that it will be less than two.  Still, if the Sox can manage to keep their heads above water and the Yankees continue to falter a bit, Delgado has potential to be a very useful piece down the stretch.