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Lackey Takes Advantage Of Bad Mariners Offense In Win

A win is a win, right?

John Lackey took advantage of a bad Seattle Mariners offense en route to a 6-3 Boston win on Monday night. Lackey looked good, giving up just two earned runs over eight innings of work. He allowed just two walks, six hits and struck out a season-high 10.

Once again, this is the Mariners we're talking about. It's not like Lackey just faced the 1999 National League All-Star team. Still, though, let's give Lackey some credit because even though he's facing the worst offense in baseball, he could have still really sucked ... but he didn't.

Marco Scutaro was the big key offensively in the leadoff spot. Scoot did his part by going 2 for 4 with four RBI and a run scored. J.D. Drew and Victor Martinez also knocked in a run apiece.

Jonathan Papelbon earned his 31st save of the season by pitching a one-hit ninth inning. He struck out two and walked none.

Good for Lackey. Maybe this will get him going in the right direction in September, considering August was not his month: before tonight's game, Lackey had allowed 19 runs in 26.1 innings of work. It has, to put it in a nutshell, been a horrible, horrible month for the guy.

Tuesday night's game features the return of David Pauley, who will start on the mound for the M's. I hope the former Sox gets a standing ovation (although most will scratch their head and say, "I know I've heard that name before...).