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Blue Jays Tear Red Sox To Pieces In 16-2 Rout

This one was bad from the beginning, and it just got worse.

The Jays beat the Red Sox down today with nine big runs against the team's ace, Jon Lester, and seven more against the back end of the bullpen.

Lester was worse than we've seen him in a long time, not even recording an out in the third inning before giving up eight hits, three walks, and two homers to allow those nine runs. Lyle Overbay alone picked up six RBI against the lefty, providing both home runs.

Brett Cecil and the Jays bullpen, on the other hand, barely had any trouble at all shutting down the Red Sox offense. They allowed nine hits, three walks, and two runs on a Dusty Brown double in the seventh, but other than that kept the Sox completely off the board.

With the news of Dustin Pedroia hitting the disabled list again, this game had the feeling of being that of a defeated team. They can talk positive all they want, but it's no great stretch to think this group may have packed it in for the year tonight.