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Dustin Pedroia Returns To The Disabled List; Navarro Called Up

And so our great (Red Sox) national nightmare continues. Dustin Pedroia will be returning to the disabled list just a few days after returning to the team.

While Pedroia says there has been no new damage to the foot, clearly he and the team are not comfortable with how far his injury has progressed, especially after being scratched from last night's lineup with a sore foot.

On a more opinionated note, I have to wonder if this is how they would have approached the situation were the playoff race closer. While risking the long-term health of a player like Dustin Pedroia is never in "the plans", there's also a sense that this is a very cautious move by the Red Sox, which perhaps they might have avoided if this were a make-or-break move for the season.

UPDATE: The Sox have called up Yamaico Navarro to replace Pedroia. Navarro was hitting .283 with three home runs in 16 games for Pawtucket before the callup. More on Navarro here at Sox Prospects. I've seen Navarro play a few times. I can't remember anything overly impressive, but it was just a few games anyway. It'll be interesting to see if his defense lives up to the hype.