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Rookie Kalish Is Grand In Red Sox Blanking Of Angels

No matter who hits it, a grand slam is a pretty thing to see happen. But it's even prettier when it's a rookie doing the deed.

Ryan Kalish hit a grand slam and Clay Buchholz pitched seven shutout innings in the Red Sox's 6-0 victory over the Angels on Tuesday night.

Kalish did the deed with two outs in the fourth inning. He took a Jered Weaver offering and found the bullpen with it. Darnell McDonald also had a solo blast in the third inning. Victor Martinez added the Red Sox's final run with a double that scored David Ortiz in the fifth.

Buchholz did what he's done all season by completing shutting down the Angels through seven innings. He allowed two walks and only struck out three, but the fact is Buchholz is getting outs. When your starter is only allowing seven baserunners in seven innings (five hits tonight), there isn't much to complain about. One word: groundballs.

Buchh lowered his ERA to 2.36. That's the best ERA in the American League.

Weaver, meanwhile, looked human by allowing six runs in five innings. The Sox don't always have success against the surfer dude, so it's nice to see the club hit him hard.

Looking forward, the Red Sox will face Scott Kazmir Wednesday night. I will make the following statement clear: the Red Sox have absolutely no business losing to Kazmir tomorrow. Kazmir is -- literally -- the worst starting pitcher in the American League. There's no way to slice that any differently. With John Lackey on the mound, this has to be a win for Boston.