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That's A Wrap: Red Sox Finalize Fantastic Draft Class

They came, they drafted, they paid out the nose.

But it looks like the Red Sox will get their money's worth.

With the signing of Anthony Ranaudo, the Red Sox finished a hard day's work, ending with a ton of new talent wearing Red Sox uniforms. Ranaudo, one of the top talents in the draft, lead's the pack, but Garin Cecchini (a middle infielder with at least above average everything) is not far behind. And it's impossible to forget all the other guys picked up today. They even managed to slip Chris Hernandez in under the radar.

To be frank, the minor league system hasn't been having it's best year. Some big performances from guys like Kalish, Lavarnway, and RIzzo have been keeping things afloat, but a lot of the mid-level talents have sort of trended the wrong way. Whether this is a natural effect of the Red Sox pushing their prospects age-wise or just a bad year, I can't say.

But if the system did need any revitalizing--and that's a big if--the Red Sox did all that and more. This was a huge day for the organization's future. Kudos to everyone involved in getting it done.