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Red Sox Getting The Job Done On Draft Deadline Day

With 24 hours until the signing deadline, the Red Sox had locked up their first two picks (Kolbrin Vitek, Bryce Brentz), their fifth and sixth rounders (Henry Ramos, Kendrick Perkins) and tenth rounder Jacob Dahlstrand. That was it for the first ten rounds--good for only about $3.1 million in signing bonuses.

A lot has changed today.

First it was Lucas LeBlanc, who many thought would slip through the Red Sox' fingers unless they gave up on someone else--namely Brandon Workman.

Matthew Price slipped in quietly.

Then there was the Pedroia-like Sean Coyle and his $1.3 million.

The signing of LeBlanc didn't end up stopping the Sox from spending elsewhere, as they snatched up Brandon Workman for $800,000.

Finally, they locked up Garin Cecchini, whose signing had been rumored all day at either $1.35 or $1.75 million. A fine price either way.

So who's left after more than doubling their spending and adding a large group of talents, many of them top-round types?

Anthony Ranaudo.

Finish the job.