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Kevin Cash Placed On The Disabled List, Jarrod Saltalamacchia Called Up

Rejoice, Red Sox fans. Our long "national" nightmare is over.

Kevin Cash will be moved to the disabled list with a hamstring injury, opening up room for the promotion of Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

While it may have been preferable to keep working on Saltalamacchia in the minors, it can hardly be said that Kevin Cash was an acceptable backup catcher in any way, and few around here will be sad to see him and his .148/.233/.167 batting line go.

Saltalamacchia, acquired at the trade deadline for Roman Mendez and Chris McGuiness from Texas, is a one-time top prospect who has struggled upon promotion to the major leagues to a career line of .250/.313/.388. Since joining the Red Sox, Salty has managed only a .238/.304/.381 line in five games in Triple-A Pawtucket.