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Youkilis Calls Out Ellsbury -- Kinda

It's been said around these parts a time or two that Jacoby Ellsbury may be a little fragile. Or a wimp. Something to that effect. But now it seems to be starting to circulate through the Red Sox clubhouse:

Kevin Youkilis was asked what he thought about Jacoby Ellsbury rejoining the team tonight after spending five weeks in Arizona

"I don't know what's going on with Jacoby," he said. "I don't think any of us really know."

Was it strange for Ellsbury to be away from the team that long?

"Don't go down that road," Youkilis said. "One thing I can say is there's a lot of guys here that are hurt and supporting the team. We wish Jacoby was here supporting us, too."

Plenty of players feel the same way. Youkilis is one of the few with the courage to say it on the record.

Take this for what you will, but it's certainly interesting. Kevin Youkilis a leader of this team and he's talking negatively (as negative as it may be) about a teammate. Maybe this is what Ellsbury needs. Maybe this is what the Red Sox need, too.