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Hell Has Froze Over: Yankees on the Verge of Acquiring Cliff Lee

Damn it, Buster Olney. Be. Wrong. Be! Wrong!:

Executive involved in Cliff Lee talks: The Yankees-Mariners deal "is just about done."

When Lee went to the Phillies, we rejoiced because he left the American League. Then he went to the AL West and we rejoiced again because, well, it's the AL West. But now it looks like Lee will be not only be in the AL East, but be a New York Yankee.

This one of those moves where Red Sox fans ask: "How can the Sox counter this move?"

In most cases, I think the answer to that question is: "They don't have to." But if this does go down, the Sox might have to pull off their own blockbuster if they want to win this year. (Ya' know, if they're not already halfway over the bridge already.)