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Red Sox Trade Deadline: Sox Deal Ramon Ramirez, Call Up Dustin Richardson and Ryan Kalish

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UPDATE: Daniel Turpen is the return in the Ramon Ramirez deal. Double-A reliever with middling stuff and numbers, This makes no sense to me what-so-ever.

The Red Sox have been relatively quiet at the trade deadline for the first time in years, but they've still made some changes.

First, there are reports that Ramon Ramirez has been traded to the Giants. The Red Sox return isn't clear yet, but this is about as close as the Sox could really get to clear selling given how hard it would be to get real value from an Adrian Beltre or Victor Martinez deal. Ramirez was the only one of the "Terrible Trio" of Okajima-Declarmen-Ramirez that actually carried any value, given his improvement as the year has gone on (3.18 ERA in June, 3.27 ERA in July).

The Sox have also shaken up their roster by promoting Dustin Richardson and Ryan Kalish from Triple-A Pawtucket. Richardson has already seen some time with the team, and has struggled this year with his control, but Kalish is the really big move.

Ranked as the second best prospect in the system by, Kalish is something of a jack-of-all-trades in the outfield. Capable of playing center or an above-average corner outfield, Kalish is an all-around hitter who combines good power and contact hitting with a fantastic approach at the plate. He can be a threat when he gets on the basepaths, with 25 steals in 28 attempts.

To make room for Kalish, Jeremy Hermida has been designated for assignment. Having been brought in by the Red Sox as a high-upside fourth outfielder, Hermida has done nothing but show exactly why he's considered a bust, displaying awful plate discipline and even worse defense.